EI Ideas about Pooled Fund Edit

1.EI Standard

Simplicity is highly desirable – the EI Standard should be relatively easily verifiable

Ethicality Criteria for 'ethicality' include but are not limited to: the development of proposed ethical criteria for university investment by the university's Ethical Investment Campaign/Ethics and Environment Committee/SRC survey of student sentiment regarding overall investment policy vis a vis incorporation of ethical investment criteria development of official university policy and documentation stating Ethical Principles and the integration of these into a Responsible/Sustainable Investment Policy and Process ability to suspend, dismiss and re-appoint relevant fund managers on condition of not satisfactorily meeting the guidelines of the Investment Policy

Transparency Criteria that demonstrate transparency include: publicly publishing minutes and non-confidential documents of Ethical Investment meetings actively publicising Ethical Investment policy and processes, as well as avenues for individuals to get involved in the investment process

Representation Criteria that demonstrate representation include but are not limited to: set up and quarterly meeting of an open 'Responsible Investment Committee', with members including relevant staff (e.g. Finance Director, Investment Committee Chair, Rector), relevant financial management (e.g. Financial Manager(s), Financial Adviser(s)) and students (e.g. SRC Ethics Officer, Students' Union President, Ethical Investment Campaign Representative) iterative and participatory process of Investment Policy and Process review, where committee members may propose motions to be ratified by a quorum of the committee regarding specific amendments and additions to the investment policy or process

2.Pooled EI University Fund

British Universities to develop a pooled under the auspices of a specialist fund management group pooling options include unit trusts open-ended investment companies and

‘investment trusts’


THis logo would be used by the campaing as a more elaborate version of the basic EI logo.

Below are some suggested types:


1) 'British universities Ethical Investment Camapign Plain, B&W

British Uuniversities' EIC sky blue

2)British Universities' EIC Sky Blue Plus Text


3) British Universities EIC Black and White


4) Plain BUEIC


5) Ethical Universities

EI National Website Edit

Please vote on these available website addresses by adding your name beneath the web domain address in the 'Discussion' tab of this page. The Options are in the current order of preference, as follows (please feel free to check and add other potential ones):

1) British Universities' Ethical Investment Campaign


2) Ethical Universities


3) League of Ethical Investing Universities

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