The General Plan Edit

  • The immediate job is to get a pool of resources, including especially frequently used tools like FOI-requesting, which individual EI campaigns can use
  • In order to ensure this happens, we're forming a working group as a subgroup of the EI mailing list at
  • In order to publicise what we're doing, we'll have a page on the P&P website
  • The plan is for all the current individual campaigns to have tried to get a list of their universities' investments by the summer, using FOI if necessary
  • The long-term plan is to have an EI conference either in December or second semester next year, that will be used to publicise EI, bring groups together, skillshare, and formulate national aims. There may be an element of "campaign launch" to this

Immediate Jobs Edit

  • A page for the P&P website
  • Keeping the FAQs up-to-date

Any volunteers?

In the Future Edit

  • People interested in pulling the Conference together will start off their discussions

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