Ethical Investment Wiki


Welcome to the EI Wiki. This wiki is currently very much in the development stages. Eventually this main page will tell visitors all they need to know about EI and the EI wiki, but right now it's mainly for people already involved in EI, and especially those who're helping develop EI as a national campaign.

What's Here?[]

  • Resource Pool - This contains sample policies, legal and financial research, campaign guides and campaigning resources, and anything else campaigners might find useful!
  • Campaign case studies - These are some useful descriptions of what individual EI campaigns have done, how they've achieved their goals, what problems they've encountered, and so on. They're useful reading for anyone just starting a campaign.
  • EI FAQ - This is a general introduction to all things EI
  • Links page - This contains loads of links to useful external resources
  • Community Portal - This is the page for the people working on the wiki and National EI to talk about what they're doing
  • EI Glossary -the jargon is fun to know and use in conversation!
  • EI NAtional Campaign Specifics - the page with updates on proposed logos, website domain name, slogans etc.

What Else Do we Want Here?[]

  • More of all the above!
  • EI Handbook - This will be an expanded FAQ, a complete guide to all things EI that will have all the information anyone could ever want. But there's nothing there yet.
  • Current events - Whenever anyone does anything to do with EI, or whenever there's an EI thing coming up, we'd like them to post it here
  • Anything else? If you've got an idea, suggest it!

What Can I Do?[]

You can add to anything that's already here, or you can start work on some of the things we'd like to happen. We're happy for anyone at all to get involved!

How Can I Do It?[]

There are two main ways to add contents to this wiki: the first is to add text by clicking the edit button at the top of every page or to the right of every heading; the second is to upload files by clicking the upload button in the toolbox to the right.

If you're too daunted to start work straight away, you might want to visit our Help page page for advice on how to start work.

Who Can I Speak To?[]

E-mail discussion about and organisation of EI happens on a mailing list provided by People & Planet here. Please do join that list and ask any questions about EI or the wiki. You can also contact the EI Working Group there.