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Campaign Materials (guides, publicity &c) Edit

National Campaign: EI Logo

University of Edinburgh: Edinburgh Campaign Guide

Sample letter to request list of investments: Media:sample_letter_on_SRI.pdf

Danny Chivers: Campaign Starting Points

University of St Andrews: St Andrews Campaign Guide

University of St Andrews: Introductory Workshop Outline

University of St Andrews: EI Film

University of St Andrews: Posters and Flyers

University College London: Alumni letter

University College London: Student letter

Investment Policies Edit

University of St Andrews: St Andrews Sustainable Investment Policy

University of St Andrews: Sustainable Investment Policy Recommendations

University of St Andrews: Campaign Policy Proposal

Oxford University: Resolution To Congregation

University of Edinburgh: SRI Policy Statement

University at Buffalo: Proposal for Socially Responsible Investment

University of Cambridge: CUSU Research and Discussion Document

General Documents Edit

Danny Chivers: Brief History of SRI

Danny Chivers: EI Campaigning Research Summary

Danny Chivers: Campaign Strategy Ideas

University of St Andrews: Legal Standpoint

University of St Andrews: Report from Investment Advisors

Adam Ramsay: How to do a Freedom of Information Request

An archive of resources from the Oxford University SRI Campaign between 2004 - 2006 are available online here [1]

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