We're currently working on a petition expressing support for the democratic principle that given the university invests using money obtained through the presence on campus of the student body, we ought to have a say in how that money is invested. We're about 400 people in and hoping to get 1000 signatures by the end of the term.

We've also submitted a paper via the students union (appendixed with a pretty decent collection of socially responsbile policy with regards to its business operations) to the university's main policy committe, calling for the finance office to perform a feasibility study on socially responsible policy in investment and business operations. It got a very good reception and a lot of people there suggested changes to make it appeal more to the VC (who is, or at least professes in public to be, very into the idea of meeting the university's social responsibilities by pursuing a 'greening' agenda). The union president is running the now rewritten paper past a few people to get their views and then submitting to the VC and the finance office.

The plan is to try and drum up more student support (on the basis of a farily unsubstantive democratic argument), more support on the institutional side, collect statements of support from senior academics and local politicians and then when we're in a good position submit a yet to be written sample policy paper submitted via people & planet and then start campaigning for something very substantial.

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